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Book Warrington Leaf Clearance to Refresh Your Lawn

Green Waste Collection in Warrington

Autumn is a truly beautiful season. Unfortunately, one of its downsides is that it can destroy your lawn and in order to restore it, you have to get ready for costly repairs. Piles of fallen leaves on the grass can suffocate it, resulting in a patchy lawn that you’ll have to reseed later on to get rid of the yellow patches. The good news is that you can easily prevent all that with the help of adept gardeners that will provide you with a complete leaf clearance of your yard. They will even clean leaves from ponds, patios and driveways.

A good reason to clean up your paths from leaves is that when you leave them for some time, your patio surface becomes covered with moss and algae, thus making it very slippery and dangerous. Regular leaf clearing minimises that risk of slippy patios and driveways, making it safer for you to walk to your house.

Disposal and Recycling of All Collected Leaves

Leaf Removal in Warrington

There are three different ways cleared leaves can be handled:

  • Recycling the compost: All collected leaves are taken away to undergo a process that breaks down organics into hummus over several weeks. Hummus is very useful for organic farming.
  • Use them for mulch: Get your leaves chopped in small pieces with a lawn mower, forming up mulch that can act as a protection layer against unwanted weeds in your lawn. 
  • Add them to your council waste collection: Let your leaves be picked up by the council waste collectors and then disposed off according to all UK regulations.

Trust your professional gardeners in Warrington with your leaf removal tasks and rest assured that the job will be performed just the way you want it to be. With access to modern gardening equipment and techniques, your gardeners will easily and safely do their work and deliver the backyard you want.

Why Work With Gardening Services Warrington

  • Get this garden maintenance task done in time to prevent any possible damage to your lawn
  • No more patchy backyards, because all leaves that suffocate your garden are removed
  • Fully trained gardening teams that have undergone a thorough vetting process
  • Using modern equipment and techniques to tackle any issues with ease
  • All leaf disposal methods are environmentally friendly
  • Book jet washing along this service to remove any moss and algae buildups, and make your patios and driveways clean and safe again
  • Get special discounts when you order more gardening services at the same time
  • Call 01925 698 036 now and ask for your free quotes
  • Get non-stop customer support for all your questions on all offered services
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