Garden Waste Clearance Services in Warrington

Get a fully eco-friendly garden waste disposal in accordance with local regulations and national guidelines.

Garden Maintenance

Have perfectly organised vegetable plots and flower borders.

Garden Maintenance

Get a more attractive green recreation area for your family and friends to enjoy.

Lawn Care & Mowing

Keep your garden in first-class condition with modern lawn mowing equipment at your disposal.

Lawn Care & Mowing

Get your whole garden fertilised, watered and any damaged patches of grass reseeded.

Gutter Cleaning

Regular maintenance to prevent clogged drainage systems and protect from water damage.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters in time saves you costly repairs in the future.

Jet Washing

All exterior surfaces deteriorate over time.

Jet Washing

Our gardeners can remove algae, mildew and staining only with the power of high pressure water, leaving you with spotless patios and driveways.

Clear Your Garden of All Unwanted Rubbish and Waste

Whether you plan to rent or sell a property, a clean garden space always increases the value of your house. You might also be planning your next backyard party and need some stuff removed to make it more comfortable for you and your guests. Or you recently bought the property and need your lawn decluttered so you can start with renovations. Achieve a waste-free garden by working with licensed gardeners who provide you with the desired results every time.

Free up your schedule from these tiring tasks and rest assured all collected rubbish is disposed off in accordance to all safety regulations. Sometimes, if you don’t know what’s in the waste in your garden, it’s better to let the competent gardeners handle it. There might be some semi-toxic materials left from the previous owners or tenants. Don’t risk it and go for the safe way! Clear away all the junk and enjoy your awesome garden space.

Doing Garden Waste Removal The Right Way

A vital step to your garden waste clearance service is the correct removal of rubbish. Everything your gardeners collect is recycled in compliance with all standards of the United Kingdom. Separating non-organic from organic waste and any hazardous materials ensures an eco-friendly disposal, leaving you with a health-safe garden for you to spend your time in.

For you, all that piled junk on your lawn may be useless, but for other people it can be the same as a gold mine. Almost everything can be recycled back in use. Your gardeners will carefully sort out the rubbish and the items that can be reused and sent to your local recycling center to eventually find a new home.

Garden Waste and Leaf Clearance Warrington

Book Leaf Clearance to Refresh Your Lawn

Autumn is a truly beautiful season. Unfortunately, one of its downsides is that it can destroy your lawn and in order to restore it, you have to get ready for costly repairs. Piles of leaves on the grass can suffocate it, resulting in an yellow patchy lawn that you’ll have to reseed later on. The good news is you can easily prevent all that. Simply schedule a complete leaf clearance of your garden, ponds, patios and driveways.

A good reason to clean up your paths from leaves is that when you leave them for some time, your patio surface becomes covered with moss and algae, thus making it very slippery and dangerous. Regular leaf clearing minimises that risk of slippy patios and driveways, making it safer for you to walk to your house.

"It appears that the garden waste clearance is like a child's play for you. That's why I will rely on you for this service the next time too."

Evan Shaw

Disposal and Recycling of All Collected Leaves

There are three more ways cleared leaves can be handled:

  • Recycling the compost: All collected leaves are taken away to undergo a process that breaks down organics into hummus over several weeks. Hummus is very useful for organic farming.
  • Use them for mulch: Get your leaves chopped in small pieces with a lawn mower, forming up mulch that can act as a protection layer against unwanted weeds in your lawn.
  • Add them to your council waste collection: Let your leaves be picked up by the council waste collectors and then disposed off in accordance to UK regulations.

Your Benefits of Our Garden Waste Clearance Services

  • Fully utilise your garden space by removing all organic waste and rubbish that’s in your way
  • Work with skilled gardeners that are familiar with the correct garden waste collection and disposal practices
  • Recycle all old and unwanted items – put them into good use again
  • No more leaves to suffocate your lawn, no more patchy backyards
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